More Energy, less pollution: these are the 2 goals reached by BCC of Casalgrasso and Sant’Albano Stura thanks to the replecement of printers present in differents branches. Those with inkjet technology have taken the place of the current laser.
The work, planned together, is a collaboration between Epson Italia and NewSoft of Saluzzo.


The investment is one of the action that BCC has planned to become more and more “a green bank”, with particular attention to the enviroment. A great number of advantages: new inkjet machines ensure energy saving up to 96%; CO2 emissions will reduce up to 97%, thanks to the lower use of replacements and consumables; elimination of empty toners, which are considered hazardous waste, reduces the cost of waste disposal. Also the residual dust of them is harmful to health and the environment. Without forgetting that the new sistem provides greater security for the printing of bank drafts, to the benefit of members and customers.

«This path is accompanied by a set of activities that we have been carrying out for several years– says the General Director Mauro Giraudi –. Since 2018, all bank’s branches have been provided of tablets for graphometric signature. This has allowed us to reduce the consumption of paper and prints made, in addition to speeding up the service offered at cash desks ». The graphometric signature also allows you to receive directly on your email the accounting of the operation performed. « Almost 65% of cash transactions are signed with tablet, digitally- concludes Giraudi – and the adhesion of over 13 thousand costumers to the service confirms the goodness of our choice».