Since 1998 passion for information technology

Newsoft was born at the end of the last century, in 1998, as a craft company and to create it is a young and proactive entrepreneur from Bagnolo Piemonte, Carlo Geuna, who wants to discover and test himself. From the beginning, mainly, characterized by the assembly, sale and service of personal computers, the business grows, offering to more and more clients, new opportunities and innovative services: in information technology, in the development of networks and also in the area of printing systems, sector of which, Newsoft has been a certified reseller of Epson brand, for severals years. The path hasn’t always been easy, indeed there have been many difficulties, always faced with “artisan mentality”: a way of thinking made of mind, heart, ambition, curiosity, wish to grow and to improve.

Newsoft in 2012 opens a new window on the world:

It can’t be defined as an online shop or a simple e-commerce, where the lowest price and the largest quantity are fundamentals, but a little space where you find technologies printing in acordance with your needs and achieve the best sales solution by talking or chatting together.

After all these years of activity and web presence, Plotteronline, away from the bug marketplaces, has reached an important milestone: 1# Leader Online in Italy for sale plotters. Accesses and sales throghout the Italian territory are numerous, from Piedmont to Sicily and Sardinia; every time with an extraordinary appreciation by clients for the still present human contact. Even if it’s a remote assistance, we create relationships of trust and friendship because we share ideas, questions and advices… is by the side of people who print.

Newsoft never stops and opens a new window:

Near to Plotteronline, Businessinkjet is born, a website dedicated only to printing in small format: printers, multifunctions. It’s based on the same philosiphy: offer to clients our experience to provide the solution which allows you to have the greatest efficiency and safety; analyse your single needs, which they can be very different. Listening is the key to create a relationship of trust and to achieve the desired goal. Businessinkjet is still young, but with a huge wish to grow.


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