In the end, we offer Backup systems which data backups, which must be redundant, on different devices and on different sites, and encrypted, so not read/written without authorisation; as a result they are safe from malware or even worse ransomware.

Newsoft is maniacal on this key point of security.


Sizing storage

Private cloud Backup

Backup manager with encryption


IT security is invisible, but silent and unfortunately, we cannot always and only leave to the person: the vigilance.

Newsoft is obsessed by the data, it’s an asset of companies of any size, multinational or individual professional.
Newsoft has been fighting for pyramid protection for years in order to protect any data as much as possible.

Threats come from outside, so it’s fundamental to protect and to control data between the company and the world. Latest generation firewalls are able to detect threatening behaviours not yet recorded.



Local security means to have antivirus solutions which analyse other behaviours, inadvertently, escaped to the firewall or because the operator deliberately forced control.