Network infrastructure is the fundamental part of any business,for Newsoft it is the spinal column of the company.

Everything of a company is on the network: production machines, remote access control. It’s very importanto to have an efficient infrastructure.

Newsoft has years of experience in the sector, it has made network remediation for multinationals removing geological eras of various levels, modernisation of network cabinets, industrial network designs optimizing routes to  increase efficiency.

Newsoft is autonomous in the design, laying, certification of copper and fiber. It operated with important businesses for projects. Behind the project, there is knowledge and choice of materials. Newsoft knowledge permits to start with cutting-edge systems ready to exploit new technologies, whether they are in the cloud or in premise.

Network remediation and modernisation of network cabinets

Design and implementation of structured cabling

Wifi (residential, industrial and radio bridges)

Fiber optic joint or welding

LAN certification

Management and modernisation of switch


Data must be organised, managed and protected.

Newsoft celebrates 20 years old in Microsoft world, which includes all management of servers, physical and virtual.

It’s fundamental for each type of business to have fast usability of data; the possibility to access your data from anywhere in the world, with centralized access security; as well as centralized management of emails, thanks to Office365 server.

Server sizing (purchase, rental)

Creation or migration Windows domain

Users creation and management

Mail migration to Office 365


Data consumption takes place through clients of disparate functions, forms and performances.

It’s fundamental to have the machines always updated. Newsoft advices, for years, to their clients not to take charge of the terminals, they are consumables and the operating rental to have always updated products, easily manageable in company budgets and always under warranty.

Sizing, purchasing or renting clients

Rollup installed machines

Modernisation of pc


Fundamental for a good management of data, for a good working continuation you need to protect tour data from power surges, sometimes imperceptible, but that over time leads to the malformation of the data or worse still to the malfunction of the devices in the production.

From the beginning, Newsoft recommends its customers UPS made in Italy, which allow to equip companies with high standards.