The opportunity of an ideal collaboration for your company

What are we looking for? Business partner

We’re looking for a collaboration aimed at the establishment, managament and implementation of a common project, everyone with his specific skills, talents and commitement to create a product/ service whose value is measured by custumer satisfaction .

What do we offer? our services

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What do we offer? our values

and plus…

+ we are sincere and honest + responsive in solving unexpected + we constantly update on new technologies

+ we keep our promeses + we listen to clients, ours and yours+  we are reliable

+ we support clients with care and patience+ we give and have trust + we care about the environment


The importance to work in a team

Work in team means having the same and common goal, putting their needs in the background for those of the group, trying to exploit different skills of each person of the team and use the most of them in the different tasks.

Who among you knows the proverb “unity makes strength”?

It’s like your client
asked you to bring him a coffee…
you don’t have coffee,
but wanting to satisfy the customer
Pick him up at the bar…
NEWSOFT HUB works exactly like this