Our company’s values are motivotional constructs which define what we consider important and what goals we want to acheive. Our company’s values constitute our foundation which show us how to proceed in the comparison between events and other companies.

For us, companies, associations, people must put in the heart of their offert products, services or skills, but also- above all- values.

Every type of value – the territorial origin, creativity, costumers service, timely answers, inclusiveness and all the others that can came to mind – every elements which permit a distinction between what you do and what other do, is a success which can beat the competition.

For this, we decided to embark in this journey within our “Charter of Values” which describes and accompanies, every day, our work and our team, with our employees and our customers.


Every day, our task is ensuring to clients PRESENCE and ASSISTANCE, both from the office and web front. We share goals that we try to achieve with all necessary resources.

SECURITY: (from Latin “sine cura”: without preoccupation) can be defined as “the knowlodge that the evolution of a system won’t produce unwanted states”.

In other words is the awarness that a certain action won’t cause future damage.

Business data is an important asset for the company that’s why we support our customers every day by providing high-performance systems to protect their data from external attacks:

  • Firewall
  • Back-Up Data
  • Antivirus
  • Cyber Risk insurance policy

These are only some of services that we can offer!!

And what do you value your data?….

CARE: diligent and diligent commitment to pursue a purpose or practice an activity, provide for someone or something; caution.

We take care of our customers, every day, solving their problems, as fast as possible. We find together the best Solution to your needs and we establish a relationship, as well as working and human to become a point of reference.

and plus…

+we are sincere and honest
+ responsive in solving unexpected
+ we constantly update on new technologies
+ we keep our promeses
+ we listen to clients, ours and yours
+ we are reliable
+ we support clients with care and patience
+ we give and have trust
+ we care about the environment