The 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development is an action programme for people, the planet and prosperity signed in September 2015 by the governments of the 193 UN member countries. It incorporates 17 Sustainable Development Goals – Sustainable Development Goals, SDGs – into a large action program for a total of 169 ‘targets’ or targets. The official launch of the Sustainable Development Goals coincided with the beginning of 2016, leading the world on the path to be taken over the next 15 years: countries, in fact, are committed to achieving them by 2030.

The Development Goals follow up the results of the Millennium Development Goals (Millennium Development Goals) that preceded them, and represent common goals on a set of important development issues: the fight against poverty, eradicating hunger and combating climate change, to name but a few. ‘Common goals’ means that they concern all countries and all individuals: no one is excluded from them, nor should they be left behind along the necessary path to bring the world on the path to sustainability.


Newsoft and sustainability

ESG certification for the sustainability

We’re talking  about 2030 Agenda daily and 17 Sustainable Development Goals which are the heart of our company, always more and more companies incorporate SDGs into their bussiness plan.

So the“ESG-SDGs Rating: 2022” standard is born, a certification under accreditation, as a management system, to value an organisation or a product can acheive ESG goals and to measure the company path toward a sustainable development.

ESG standards are gradually becoming a significant part of alternative investments world. They are important when measuring the sustainability of non-financial investiments, as well as a material impact on the return profile and long-term risk of investments portfolios.

A recent study revealed that investitors choose ESG investments to receive a double profit, in addition they have a lower risk with a better rate of return.

Traditional investitors are always becoming increasingly interested in the ESG framework and many of them use its policy for risk assessment in investment decision-making.

Most socially responsible investitors control companies using ESG standards to select investments.

Enviromental, social and governance factors are are a subset of non-financial performance indicators which include ethical, sustainable and corporate governance issues, how to ensure that systems are in place for the company’s carbon footprint accountability and management.

The number of investment funds has grown rapidly from the beginning of this decade and it will continue significantly in the decade to come. Companies which adopt ESG standards have been found to be more conscientious, less risky, so more likely to succeed in their long-term bussiness goals.

Which are ESG standards?

The practice of considering environmental, social and governance issues in the search of investment opportunities, has evolved considerably from its origins.

Enviromental policy which analyses how the company behaves as an administrator of our natural environment. It is composed by wastes, pollution, depletion of resources, greenhouse gas emissions, deforestation, climate change.

Social policy focuses on employees relationships and diversity, working conditions, including minor labour and slavery, funding projects or institutions that serve poor and disadvantaged communities globally, health, security and conflit.

Governance’s about tax strategy, executive pay, donations and political pressure, corruption and bribery, diversity and board structure.

To sum up, these are some examples of ESG standards:

E as Environment: contribute to climate changes, for example ecological footprint and CO2 emissions; management of natural resources as water, biodiversity; wastes and pollution; possibility in relation to the environment, such as clean technologies and renewable energy

S as Social: human capital, for example security, health and constatly training of employees; responsability for products, especially product and data protection; opportunities in the social sphere

G as Governance: elements of sound corporate governance, such as the composition of the board of directors and management, compensation and ownership structure; business management for example with regard to ethics, transparency and corruption

The practice of considering environmental, social and governance issues in the search of investment opportunities, has evolved considerably from its origins.

Our voluntary ESG certification 

Conscious S3: organisation organization exposed to mild ESG risks in one of the areas of sustainability with potential negative impacts on stakeholders. The management is proactive, committed to the necessary improvements in the preparation of policies and procedures aimed at reducing exposure to risk.


Newsoft’s printers follow CAM conditions, which are enviromental requirements, defined for the various stages of the purchase process and with Decree of the Ministry of Ecological Transition. They choose the best environmental design solution, product or service, taking into account market availability. This ensures that national green public procurement policy is incisive in the objective of reducing environmental impacts, as well as in the aim of promoting more sustainable, “circular” production and consumption and spreading “green” employment.

Newsoft is in the process of ESG certification.

Newsoft has been committed to protecting the environment for years. Any examples??

To begin, we explain N-SISTEMI, especially of servers:
  • a performing server reduces energy consumption 
  • a virtual server reduces space, warm and energy
  • a server is useful for smartworking and so reduces CO2 emissions
  • an accessible server reduces paper because it allows you to access documents at any time and from any place without the need to print them
Then, we continue with Network Switch:
  • an optimized network will be replaced only after 10 years and so it reduces wastes of replaced parts
  • an optimized network has more performing parts which reduce energy consumption 
To end, there is remote technical assistance, thanks to it, we can be faster without moving, so CO2 reduction

For a company as ours, it isn’t easy, but we do small daily gestures which make the difference.

We deliver our products (as printer cartridges or spare parts) using recycled packaging and we regenarate computers which we have invested for the realization of a project that we will reveal shortly.

But that’s not all, we are working to improve our environmental and social sustainability… soon big news!